YAMAHA MT-07 (2014-2017)

CNC brakecap YAMAHA MT 07


CNC made, the surfaces are treated as jewelry, micro- Brushed and anodized.

Replace the original parts.

Screws not included.


MT-07 by BCD


Public price 55 euros  (including 20% VAT)


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Windshield deflector YAMAHA MT 07 BCD DESIGN VX


Emphasize the Racing and Fun side of your MT07 !

Unthinkable for BCD to miss out on the famous little Yamaha Roadster !

A base full of charm but which can still take the stamp by opting for the new windshield BCD VX.

Its minimalist look is thought to embrace the continuity of the lighthouse without any false note, while ensuring a minimum of protection..

Made of acrylic.

Supplied with mounting kit.

Probolt screws in high quality aluminum, black.

Mounting time: 5 mm

Made in France



Public price 125 euros (including 20% VAT)


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Licence plate bracket YAMAHA MT 07 BCD DESIGN VX

The BCD key for your MT07.

It does not add thickness to the wheel arch like most existing supports.

The led light is CE APPROVED . The quality of the lighting is remarkable.

Supplied with a small ABS part destinated to hide the bolts.

The BCD plate support is mounted in place of the origin.

Adjustable in height and inclination

Mounted with the BCD wheel passage, the result is stunning, racing and sleek at the same time!

Material: anodised aluminum and stainless steel screws.

Suitable for EC number plates

Width of support: 150 mm

Mounting height: 120 mm


Public price 159 euros  (including 20% VAT)


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Passage de roue et support de plaque YAMAHA MT 07 BCD DESIGN VX


A very High end style for your MT 07 !

Remove the original undercover and replace with BCD fully cover design.

The licence plate bracket is especialy designed to cross the undercover.

Result is very stylish. Screws are hidden to get a flat racing effet.




Public price 269 euros (including 20% VAT)


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